Monday, November 14, 2005

Diabetes - diabetes and hypoglycemia information to explore

Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT)
Describes the results and implications of DCCT, which was conducted by NIDDK from 1983 to 1993 and is the largest, most comprehensive diabetes study ever

Diabetes Australia
Diabetes Australia - minimising the impact of diabetes 13 Oct 2005 - World Diabetes Day - 14 Nov 2005 · 13 Oct 2005 - Diabetes Australia Key Dates

American Diabetes Association Home Page
Their mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by this disease. Available in English and Spanish.

Web site for Diabetes. The American Diabetes Association supports the Washington, DC Principles for Free Access to Science

children with DIABETES Online Community
An online community for kids, families, and adults with diabetes, featuring message boards, chat rooms, and questions/answers from medical professionals.

Diabetes - health

China ranks world's second in diabetes incidence: report
People's Daily - Nov 14 5:14 PM
China is ranked second in the world in incidence of diabetes, with the number of diabetes patient expected to reach 80 million to 100 million in 2010.Save to My Web

Nobel laureate to speak on campus
California Aggie - 21 minutes ago
Studying the interaction between human cells is far reaching, leading to a greater understanding of topics across the field of human health, including cancer, diabetes and arthritis.Save to My Web

Abbott's Tricor fails main goal in diabetes trial
Reuters via Yahoo! Australia & NZ Health - Nov 14 6:27 AM
DALLAS (Reuters) - Abbott Laboratories Inc.'s drug to lower blood fats called triglycerides failed its primary goal in a large trial of significantly reducing heart attacks and coronary deaths among patients with type II diabetes, researchers said on Monday.Save to My Web

Early changes in the oxygenation of the skin may help predict foot disease in diabetes patients
News-Medical-Net - Nov 14 1:46 AM
Foot ulcerations are one of the most serious complications of diabetes, resulting in more than 80,000 lower-leg amputations each year in the U.S. alone.Save to My Web

Most amputation cases due to diabetes preventable: WHO
People's Daily - Nov 14 9:28 PM
Around 80 percent of all diabetic foot amputation cases can be prevented with basic diabetes management and care, the World Health Organization (WHO) said here Tuesday.Save to My Web

Federal Plan To Build Health Care Network Taps Tech Leaders
Investor's Business Daily via Yahoo! News - Nov 14 4:00 PM
Four projects just under way could have a big influence over the evolution of health care.Save to My Web

Reversing obesity and diabetes works when leptin signaling is on the brain
Medical News Today - 2 hours, 45 minutes ago
Leptin is a hormone derived from fat cells, and defects in leptin signaling leads to obesity, overeating, and decreased energy output. Leptin signals through the leptin receptor, LEPR.Save to My Web

Children and diabetes
Mid-Day Mumbai - Nov 12 10:52 PM
Its ironic that Childrens day coincides with World Diabetes Day this year, considering the alarming rise of diabetic children in India.Save to My Web

Stocks end flat as Abbott trims gains
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Nov 14 1:46 PM
U.S. stock indexes ended little changed on Monday after a drug trial setback for Abbott Laboratories Inc. offset gains from several acquisitions, including the sale of Georgia-Pacific Corp. , and robust earnings in the retail sector.Save to My Web